The Holding of the Master of Education Authorized Construction at School of Education
Author: Time:2016-09-26

On the afternoon of Sept. 23rdthe meeting of authorization orders of Master Degree of Education (EDM) was held at teacher workshop. Prof. Bai Gui-xi, the dean of the Graduate School, Prof. Feng Xiang-dong, the dean of education college , Prof. Kang Cui-ping, the vice president of School of Education and the other professional field masters attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Hu Bing-xian, the vice dean at School of Education.

Firstly, vice president Hu Bing-xian introduced the background, current situation and the topic of the conference.President Feng Xiang-dong explained the necessity and the establishment of the Master of Education Center. He also illustrated three functions of the Master of Education Center.Professor Bai Gui-xi believed that the construction of authorization orders of education played an important role in the development of discipline construction. Secondly, vice dean Hu Bing-xian made an illustration of the relevant management documents. Then, the participants discussed and reached an agreement.

Finally, Vice President Kang Cui-ping summed up the meeting from the reality, importance and necessity of the construction of EDM. She hoped that the construction of EDM could make a great progress with the support of the graduate school and the leading officials.