Three National Second Prizes Awarded by the Educational Technology in the Chinese College Students Computer Design Competition Finals
Author: Time:2016-08-24

The Ninth Chinese University Computer Design final contest ended a few years ago. In central south region selection, three of our school took part in the national finals. Under the careful guidance of Wan Li-yong and Wei Xiao-yan, all of the three teams won the second prize in the contest, reflected strong power in our educational technology students’ skills in computer design. The winning works were as follows:




Li Xiao-yan,

Tan Ping,

Wei Hui-dan

Micro class works: Combustion and Extinguishing

The second prize

Ma Xiao-lu,

Li Yi

Micro class works: the pancake problem–mathematical   optimization of wide-angel

The second prize

Tian Ye,

Fan Shi-xun,

You Zhi-bing

DV works-Dream

The second prize