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Master  Program for Accounting

I、Educational Objectives
  The program prepares student to be high-level specialist who has broad the ability of scientific research and learn, has good professional quality and are capable of taking jobs in accounting, financial management and auditing.

II、Requirement and Features
  This program aims to promote the students’ following qualities:
   1.Grasp of accounting professional knowledge and relevant knowledge 
   2.Capability of integrating theory with practice ,critical thinking skills 
   3.Capacity of scientific research and senior management 
   4.Competence of accounting, finance and audit theory research, management practices, or teaching in colleges and universities

III、Length of Schooling and Degree
  Duration: 3 years
  Degrees conferred: Master of Management

IV、Major Research Direction
  1.Accounting theory and practice 
  2.Enterprise financial theory and practice 
  3.Public finance and risk prevention

V、Core Courses
  Management research frontiers, Management economics, Statistical analysis method, Accounting basic theoretical research, Corporation finance, Cost and control research, Internal control theory and design, Auditing theoretical research, Strategic management research, Theory of modern enterprise and corporate governance, Accounting and finance research frontiers, Advanced Management accounting, Tax accounting research, Accounting information research