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Department of Electronic Commerce



  The Department of Electronic Commerce was founded in 2002. It started the Master’s Degree education in 2012. It offers one of the first bachelor's degree programs in Electronic Commerce in Hubei Province.
  Eight teachers are working in the Department, including five associate professor and three lecturers. Five of faculty members have obtained doctor’s degrees from domestic prestigious universities or colleges. Two school-level research institutions as bases for theoretical innovation offer hardware and software facilities for training students with creativity and professional skills.
The Department emphasizes the combination of theories with practice, creation and innovation in educational programs, teaching and routine management. Teaching methods such as case study, multi-media teaching, simulation, training and practice have applied in different levels of education programs. In recent years, the faculty of the department has completed more than 20 research projects at national, provincial, municipal and industry levels respectively, published more than 50 research theses. On the other hand, the students of the department have won prizes in various professional competitions. Rooted in Hubei and facing the whole minority areas, the department fosters senior talents with both ability and integrity for the industry, education and research in Electronic Commerce.Z

Chief of department: Zhao Baochun