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Department of Tourism Management




  The Department of Tourism Management, founded in 1990. It started the Master’s Degree education in 2005. It offers one of the first bachelor's degree programs in tourism management in Hubei Province. 
  The department owns a qualified faculty of 10 members, of whom 2 are professors, 3 associate professors, and 5 lecturers, and includes a research unit: Tourism Development Research Center. With the profound experience and advantages in practice and theory, the distinctive research directions lie in Hotel Management, Tourism Planning and Travel Agency Management related research, which represent the main research trends in tourism management at home and abroad. In recent years, the faculty of the department has completed more than 50 research projects at national, provincial, municipal and industry levels respectively, published more than 100 research theses and 10 academic books and textbooks. Rooted in Hubei and facing the whole minority areas, the department fosters senior talents with both ability and integrity for the industry, education and research in tourism.
Meanwhile, it provides government departments and various tourism enterprises around the country with all kinds of services in management consultation, tourism resource evaluation, planning and development, and so forth.

  The core courses offered in the bachelor's degree program include Management, Service Management, Hospitality Management, Travel Service Management, Tourism Planning and Development, Tourism Attraction Management, Tourism Resources, Marketing, Tourism Psychology, Human Resource Management for Tourism Enterprises, Management Information Systems, etc.