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Department of Human Resource Management




  The Specialty in Human Resource at South-Central University for Nationalities is founded in 1990. It started the Master’s Degree education in 1999 and was approved as Graduate Degree in 2008. This program is set up under the primary discipline master degree of Business Management.

  The department owns a qualified faculty of eight members, of whom one is professor, four are associate professors, three are lecturers, and five among them own PhD Degrees. This depends on the Business Management Research Institute, School of Management at South-Central University for Nationalities and Enterprise Innovation Strategy Researching Team.

  The Human Resource Management program aims at bringing out advanced practical professionals in human resource management for enterprises. This program is designed to enable students to develop a career of human resource management in business, public sectors and other organizations with the knowledge and skills of human resource management and modern human resource management practices. This course requires students to know basic theories, knowledge and skills in this field well. The program helps to develop skills to use a foreign language, analysis human resource management matters, develop the ability to solve practical problems in Micro-management field. It not only enhances practical teaching and skill training, but also emphasizes system educating and academic training in subject knowledge.

  The characteristics are economic analysis, quantitative research method and behavior analysis of human resources management, which earns great exaltation by fellows because of excellent performance in National Teaching and Practice Seminar. Presently, our department pays more attention to solidarity, lucubration and innovation. The good relationships between teachers, teacher and student, and academic peers urge the employment rate always top in our university. Meanwhile, each graduate apply for master education positively and most are admitted to key universities.

  In recent two years, the faculty of the department has gain many teaching and research achievements, completed and set up three research projects at provincial and ministerial-level, published seven research theses (include three in CSSCI)and two academic books and two high-level textbooks.

  Recently, our social influence has significantly enhanced. Many teachers hold a concurrent post such as vice president in Hubei Human Resource Management Academy. Students’’ social achievements won a good social reputation. In the recent three years, the employment rate has kept above 93%, the employers’satisfaction degree are always 100%. Many students have grown into the backbone of their company. Some employing units expect we can recommend them excellent graduates in future.