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Department of Marketing


  The Department of marketing, which was founded in 1993, started the Master’s Degree education in 1998. More than 700 graduates were offered, and then this department became a famous one with high employment rate. Since 2002, the department started to recruit postgraduates. Until now, it is highly approved by society with 100% employment rate. 

  During the development for more than 20 years, the department of marketing educates over thousands of students for the whole society. Faculties of marketing department produce plenty of researches and accumulate teaching experiences. Constructions of specialty has made great progress with effort of all faculties, as a instance, the basic course named Marketing has earned super competitive course in university level in 2008. All these successes show not only a confirmation of marketing specialty construction, but also a basic solid foundation for deeper development.

  The department owns qualified full time faculty of 10 members, including 1 professor, 5 associate professors, and 4 lecturers. 4 of them are graduate student supervisors. They graduated from different universities, so the difference rate is 100%. 3 of them come from Wuhan University, and 2 from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, 2 from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 3 from Central China Agricultural University. Structure and amount of teachers is up to the evaluation criterion. As to full time faculty, now 70% of them owe a doctor’s degree, while 30% of them owe master’s degree. 60% of faculties have senior professional title, and 40% of faculties have qualification of MA supervisor. The faculty construction is rational. The ratio of male and female teacher is 1:4. Below the age of 35 accounted for 30% of the teachers, and 35 years old -45 years old accounted for 50 percent of teachers. Teachers aged over 45 accounted for 20%. During the undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral degree, the ratio of the professional teachers who received formal education in the profession as well as through other formal systematic study is up to 100%. Professional teachers are very stable with a teaching experience of more than 5 years. They have solid professional theoretical foundation, abundant teaching experience, and high-level practical ability.

  In resent 3 years, there are 5 monographs published by professional teachers, 17 projects under research, 24 papers published at the provincial level and above academic journals, in which 10 papers were published on the source and expansion CSSCI. We published scientific papers per capita 2.4, and obtained a first prize of social science research in State Ethnic Affairs Commission, also hosted 2 National Social Science Projects, 9 provincial research projects and 3 basic social science projects of Central Universities Research Funds. We involved in other types of research projects at all levels and obtained the project supporting funding of more than 1 million Yuan totally. Meanwhile, the Department of Marketing very focuses international academic communication and exchange activities. In recent years, we attend or participate in high-level important international and national professional conferences.

  After many years of teaching practice and exploration, on the basis of summary and analysis of most domestic marketing professional colleges positioning, Department of Marketing offered to students of marketing research, market analysis as the core competitiveness of the professional characteristics positioning strategy in 2005.

  Department of Marketing and practiced actively pursuing tutorial system for undergraduate. After students’ shunt of specialty and have learned professional courses for a semester, they have a certain understanding of this specialty and teachers, and then they choose tutors through a two-way selection. It’s an individualized flexible training system, and has achieved good results for these years.

  We have a regional market research center, and carry out plenty of specific research activities, such as Survey of Market Development in Ethnic Areas, and minority consumer behavior survey in west Hubei province, etc.

Chief of department: Dou Bin