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The National Institute of Occupational Skills Testing in SCUEC was established in July 2014 with the approval of the Ministry of Hubei Human Resources and Social Security. (Hubei Human Resources and Social Security Approval [2013] No. 265).

The institute is a statutory organization for the evaluation, testing and assessment of skilled personnel’s occupational technical level, which is an important platform for the training and cultivating of skilled personnel. Led by Ms Lang Junping, the dean of the School of Continuing Education, the institute is now subordinated to the School, which mainly provides services for faculty and students of SCUEC and conducts testing of occupational skills. Currently, the institute has carried out testing work of approximately 53 kinds of occupational skills (See Appendix), including advertising designers, secretaries, enterprise trainers, financial planners, human resources managers, e-commerce engineers, customs declarers, logisticians, psychological counselors, occupational information analysts, computer network administrators as well as National Computer and High-tech Examination. The skill levels are divided into junior level, intermediate level and senior level, and the institute is now in charge of a series of procedures involved in the testing work including registration, testing and certification issuing. Qualified personnel will get a unified occupational certificate which can be nationally accepted.

The establishment of the institute creates more favorable conditions for the student’s occupational skills training and professional employments. In the future, the institute will play an active role in occupational skills testing work, with its effort in constantly improving the testing condition, strictly following the professional standard, greatly strengthening the testing management and effectively ensuring the testing quality. By doing this, the institute will finally provide overall occupational skills training and occupational testing services for the students of SCUEC, and prepare more excellent technical personnel to meet the demand of the economic development in minority regions.