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The Training Center for Ethnic Administrators of SCUEC is an integrated division established on the platform supplied by the university and supported by the abundant education resources around the university. With the president of SCUEC as its director and vice president as its deputy director, the center is located in the School of Continuing Education, which is responsible for the implementation of ethnic administrators training work. In February 2010, the Organization Department of CPC Hubei Provincial Committee and Hubei Department of Education jointly issued a document to determine SCUEC as the Training Base for Ethnic Administrators in Hubei. In the same year, the Training and Education Base for Ethnic Administrators in Hubei, operating under the Ethnic and Religious Affairs Commission of Hubei Province, was also founded in the School of Continuing Education.

Since the founding of the university, the Administrators Training Department has been set up in SCUEC, which offered education programs to ethnic administrators in minority regions for the purpose of promoting their degrees and capability. Over the past few decades, the university has been engaging in the training of ethnic administrators with unremitting efforts and finally makes it an important platform to serve the society. Taking full advantage of featured professions in the university, resorting to the university-government cooperation, university-enterprise cooperation and interuniversity cooperation,   SCUEC has educated tens of thousands of administrators and skilled personnel of all kinds for ethnic minorities and minority regions in China.

Currently, on the basis of bringing in a number of extramural government officials, experts and scholars as guest professors when encouraging intramural experts and scholars to carry out research in minority regions, the training center is now constructing a distinctive, targeted, well-organized curriculum system and a Faculty Think Tank as well. Due to the geographical location superiority of Wuhan and the city’s demonstration in the construction of a “two-oriented society” (the resources-saving society and the environment-friendly society), a number of practice and teaching bases have been established, which provide resources for both practical training and research in the aspect of urbanization, the construction of socialist new countryside, the construction of ecological civilization and ethnic villages’ protection.

Through continuous exploration and practice, the center gradually develops flexible teaching methods, establishes a rigorous teaching evaluation system and provides attentive management services to meet the needs of ethnic administrators training. During the process of its development, the center shapes a series of interconnected training systems in respect of competence training, occupation training, induction training and professional skills training, which are basically oriented to party and government administrators and provide customization services for the training of administrators of all kinds. In recent years, the training center has organized a variety of long-term and short-term training classes for administrators in the northwest, north, southwest, south central, east and other regions of China, and has undertaken tasks of occupation training required by ethnic secondary schools and Tibetan primary and secondary schools. All the training work has been highly appreciated by those the training was aimed at, and has won a good social reputation.