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International Collaboration
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Approved by China’s Ministry of Education (approval number: MOE42US1A20030375O), is a China-U.S. cooperative program between South-central University for Nationalities and University of Wisconsin-Platteville. University of Wisconsin-Platteville is responsible for teaching while our university is responsible for daily management. The program covers two-year study (with the tuition $8050) for 30 credits, which consists of 10 courses, with 15 class hours per credit. All courses are delivered by the teachers from UWP on campus of SCUN. In the second year, students may have an opportunity to study in the United States for a semester if they get visa successfully. Upon graduate, students obtain the master's degree certificate granted by the United States, which is recognized by China’s Ministry of Education. Students, their family members and friends are all invited to attend the Graduation Ceremony held in SCUN.


Senior students in our university are eligible to apply for the project Office of International Affairs located in teaching building No.10. Students should provide necessary documents and meet the requirements:

1. application form in both Chinese and English languages;

2. Bachelor's degree certificate and its English version;

3. School report for four-year undergraduate study (with official seal) and its English version (without official seal);

4. At least one of the following English-proficiency proof: TOEFL 500 or above (equivalent IELTS also acceptable), TEM 4 (Test for English Majors-Band 4) by English majors, CET 6 (College English Test-Band 6) by non-English majors.


If the applicant fails to provide the proof for their English proficiency, an English-level approval letter issued by the Office of International Affairs and the SCUN-stationed UWP contactor is also acceptable.


This project has positive feedback and won high praises from superior administrative departments and the society.