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Business English

English Department, founded in 1985, is among the earliest English departments/ schools in Wuhan. With the development in nearly thirty years, it has developed the comprehensive disciplinary orientations in linguistics, British and American literature, business English, and translation.


Our education lays an emphasis on the basic practical skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation, and imparts knowledge to students in linguistics, western literature, history, politics, economy and culture, etc. We focus on both language and culture and combine skills and critical thoughts. Emerged in a cross-disciplinary environment at a comprehensive university as such, the department is dedicated to cultivate high-level talents with a profound knowledge on human culture and world civilization and an ability to work or study in various fields.Some outstanding undergraduate students can be recommended to pursue their graduate study without taking the national graduate examination. In recent years, our graduates work in the areas of academic research, cultural causes, business or governmental organizations, etc.