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Flying Colors: 2017 Freshman Evening Party
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2017 Freshman Evening Party of Foreign Language School was held as scheduled in the auditorium at 18:30 December 15th. The distinguished guests attending the party included the Dean of Foreign Languages School, Zhang Liyu, the vice Party Secretary, Xu Qitao, the director of each department, head teacher of each class of freshmen and leadership from other schools.

Before the evening party officially started, some awards were granted to students for their outstanding performance in academy and social practice or for their great leadership including several groups of students who went to the countryside to do field trip research, students who have got national scholarship, students with distinction honor and students leaders. The leadership in Foreign Language School always stress the mutil-dimensional education and the strict governing over teaching with the principles of “good foundation, wide range of knowledge and high quality” as its guideline. Students are encouraged to actively participate in all kinds of social practice and research program so that they could improve their comprehensive abilities. Thanks to the guidance and full support, students of Foreign Languages School, who are proactive as well as innovative, are working hard for a better future. 

Award Ceremony

The 2017 Freshman Evening Party  finally kicked off with the opening speech speech given by the hostess fluently in three different languages.

When the curtains were drawn open, the energetic dance “Pretty Young”  kindled the passion of full-house audience; then the medley of songs attracted audience attention with their distinctive styles: Tibetan songs, Chinese rap and Korean songs. With the songs, audiences felt like traveling between ancient and modern time, city and grassland. 


The opening dance Pretty Young

The medley of Chinese rap and Korean songs

Tibetan songs 

After the singing and dancing, the comedy sketch “Anti-corruption campaign and Black Rose” performed by Class Two English Department filled the hall with roaring laughter and audience was impressed with the wonderful performance. Following the comedy sketch was the cappella of “Zhiming and Chunjiao in those old good days” sung by Akabeila with her friends. The two songs were uniquely adopted to express the reminiscence of the innocent campus life. 

The comedy sketch “Anti-corruption Campaign and Black Rose”   filled the hall with roaring laughter

The dance of “Rain” performed by Class Two English Department was characterized by its dynamic music and a unique combination of umbrella and dance movement. While the art troupe of Foreign Languages School brought a wonderful surprise to the audience by their fabulous folk dance of Dai people (an ethnic group of China). The changing color of black and red of their dresses with their dynamic movement created a mysterious atmosphere, through which the audience saw the embodiment of soul of mountain. Their dance was indeed an awesome expression of strength and beauty. 

The Dance of Rain Performed by Class 2, English Department

Dai Folk Dance by Art Troupe of Foreign Languages School

At half way of the Evening party, a song “Signs” by the Art Troupe of Foreign Languages School aroused waves of applause with its rhythmic music, beautiful singing and the perfect matching voices. Following the dance was another comedy sketch “Hello, Li Huanying” which brought the audience to tears, who were touched by the warmth and love in family and daily life. The amateur student actors and actresses performed like professionals. Next performance was truly got the full attention from the audience, who gave off hearty laughter seeing boys of Foreign Languages School put all their talents in the dance “Turn Up”.

Crosstalk “The tale of White Snake” performed by two girls was greeted with fits of laughter for their smart borrowing of allusions and hilarious language. Now it’s almost the time to draw the curtain, a video of the assistant councilors of each class was played. In the video they expressed their care and love for the students they are helping with. Then they performed a dance on the stage with great energy, which reminded the audience that they themselves are still students with a role of assistant teacher. Finally the curtain fell with the wonderful jazz dance “Likely and Shooting Stars”. 

Crosstalk “The tale of White Snake”

Mixed dance performed by assistant councilors

The 2017 Freshman Evening Party ended with laughter and best wishes for the freshmen of 2017. But exciting life will go on. The teachers and students of Foreign Languages School will work together to create an agreeable learning environment and to pass on the endeavoring spirit of Foreign Language School.