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The Bridge Between School and Family For a Better Cooperation and Education
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A group of seven staff from Foreign Languages School including Mr.Wei Yingzhong, the Party Secretary of Foreign Languages School, Mr. Xu Qitao, the vice Party Secretary and a student councilor took a journey to Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Qinghai province, paying visit to the families of currents students as well as former graduates of Foreign Languages Schools from July 24 to 30. They would like to get suggestions from parents of those students and former graduates about the work as well as the education orientation of Foreign Languages School,to obtain information about the needs for talents in the areas of ethnic groups, and thus building up a bridge of cooperation between school and family to offer better education to students.  

After they arrived in Ningxia, they divided into two groups visiting different families. Mr. Wei, together another two staff, went to visit the family of Yang Shuxin, who is a student of grade 2016 in Business English Department and whose home is located in the city of Yinchuan, Nixia Hui Autonomous Region. Mr. Wei gave a brief introduction to the parents of Yang Shuxin about Foreign Languages School and also told them about her school life. Her parents then introduced her family and educational background and their family education concept. Her parents said that after a year of university life, Yang changed a lot in that she is more mature and more easy-going. They also expressed their hope that the faculty and staff of Foreign Languages School would keep their concerns for the schooling of Yang and provider more opportunities for Yang’s full development. At the same time they also expressed their eagerness to work together with school to create a better education environment for Yang’s healthy growth. 

Mr. Xu together with three other staff went to visit Miss Zhang Kun, who is a student of grade 2015 in Business English Department and lives in the village of Yuqiao, Xiji County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Mr. Xu first gave the family of four a brief introduction about Foreign Languages School and then offered his suggestions on the future of Miss Zhang Kun as to going on further study or career. Miss Zhang’s father said that as to his daughter’s education he has got rid of his old idea that girls should stay home and he would support her to go out to a big world. He felt satisfied with the schools’ efforts in providing a good education environment to students, in particular he mentioned that the school has done a wonderful job paying respect to the customs and traditions of minority ethnic groups. Miss Zhang does part-time jobs at school to shoulder family responsibility since she has two younger brothers who are also students. She is also very active in all kinds of activities such as sports meet and social practice. Before their leaving, Mr. Xu, on behalf of Foreign Languages School gave some money as well as a souvenir of Double Tower Statue, which is the symbolic building of the school. 


The visit to the family of Miss Yang Shuxin, a student of Grade 2016, in the city of Yinchuan, Ningxi Hui Autonomous Region 


The visit to the family of Miss Zhang Kun, a student of Grade 2015, in Xiji County, Ningxia Autonomous Region

The third visit was paid to Miss Kang Xiaozhen, who was a student of Grade 2011 in English Department and now works for Ning Xia Career Development Service Centre for College Students. Mr.Wei, the Party Secretary of Foreign Languages School, first introduced to Mr. Wang Yong, the director of the Career Service Centre, about the enrollment and education of the students in Foreign Languages School. Director Wang told Mr. Wei that Kang Xiaozhen worked hard with a down-to-earth spirit and he hoped that more graduates with good education like Miss Kang could come back to the backward areas and contribute to the development of the areas where minority ethnic groups live. Kang Xiaozhen recalled her beautiful university life and expressed her gratitude for the care the school showed to her. She also hoped that her school could give their own graduates more help and support when they would come back to campus for a further study.  


The visit to Ning Xia Career Service Center for College Students

The fourth visit was to some students of Grade 2007 English Department who are working in the city of Xining. Mr. Ma Zhenlong works for International Internet News Center (Xi’ning; Miss Ma Lu works in China Wind Energy Limited Company (Qinghai); and Miss Mu Xiaohua in the toll-station of Qinghai Highway Construction Administration Bureau. Mr. Wei introduced to the director of International Internet News Center (Xi’ning, Qinghai), Mr. Ye Shengyun , about Foreign Languages School and South-Central University for Nationalities. Mr. Yan then gave a brief sketch of the work and the achievement of the News Center and he also gave a thump-up to the performance of Ma Zhenlong. Mr. Wei and Mr. Ye also shared with each other their concerns about how to draw in and keep talents in the west region of China. Director Ye expressed his hope for more talents to devote themselves to the development of the west China, which maybe offers them a better platform given the keen competition in the developed areas. The three graduates respectively shared their stories of growth in work and expressed their missing of the South Lake and Double Tower as well as the flying gangway connecting the south and north parts of the campus. Mr. Xu, the vice Party secretary of Foreign Languages School, encouraged them to keep their life-long learning spirit in their work telling them that the door of their school is always open to them and they are welcome to turn to their school for help whenever they are in need or in difficulties. The three graduates also gave suggestion on the establishment of SCUN Alumni Association Qinghai Branch and the enrollment of Japanese Department in Qinghai. 


The Visit to International Internet News Center, Xi’ing Qinghai

Through the visits and the talks with the families of students and graduates, the leadership and teaching staff heard the voices of students and their families on the development of the school and the urgent needs of graduates with foreign language education in the ethnic groups living area. More importantly, they built up a bridge between families and school for a better cooperation and a better education, which will help the school improve itself in all kinds of work and contribute to the social and economic development of ethnic group living areas by providing more talents to these areas.