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We Failed in the Fourth Match of the Female Basketball Group Games of the “South Lake Cup”
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On  April 21th, we failed the fourth match of the female basketball group games of the South Lake Cup.

 This match was between our college and the School of Ethnology and Sociology. At the very beginning, though we successfully gained the initiative by striking first in challenge for the ball, we missed the basket regretfully. A following defense opening allowed the opponent team to steal the ball and gained one point. After that, they managed to keep the advantage to the half time and blew a hefty lead against our team. During the second half, we managed to gain a lot of points but still lost the game at the end of the match.

Though defeated in the game, the female players of your college still won the respect from both their opponents and the audience through their coordinated persistence and unswerving spirits shown in the game.

(Reporter: Yang Ping, Editor: Zhang Ruifang, Photographer: Yang Xingrong)