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A New Record in Tennis Match of the “Cup of the South Lake”
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On April 24th , athletes Dong Qicai, Zhang Fubing, Wei Qianling, He Yipeng and Huang Weiqi from our college won a full success by five successive victories in the matches of the tennis tour of the Cup of the South Lake, and hit a new record of our college in tennis match.

After the warming up, the first match began. Wei Qianling skillfully used drop shots, smashes and other shots successfully to suppress her opponent and won the match with a one-sided result of 6-0 in the female singles. Meanwhile, Dong Qicai also humbled his opponent, 6-3, in the male singles. Encouraged by the victory achieved in the previous two matches, athletes from our college won the other 3 matches one after another successively.

Finally, together with other victories achieved in the matches of this tour, we won the second place of this years Tennis Tour of the Cup, which sets a new record of tennis match in our college.

(Reporter: Yang Ping, Editor: Zhang Ruifang, Photographer: Yang Lanlan)