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A Corpus-based Study on Sublimation/Sublimity in Complete Translation
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National Research Project

1.Basic Information

Project Name: A Corpus-based Study on Sublimation/Sublimity in Complete Translation

Project Number:13FYY008

Project Type: Post-research Project of National Social Science Foundation

SignTime: July 2013

CompleteTime: TBA


2.Director Information

Name: Yu Chengfa

Title: Professor

Research Field: translation studies

Members: Wan Guangrong,Wang Shuhuai, Zhang Kunqun

3.Project Information

Based upon the attributes of Complete Translation and analysis of Theory of “Sublimity” proposed by Qian Zhongshu, the project aims to establish an integrated, objective, operatable and verifiable system of sublimation mechanisms by taking Theory of Clausal Pivot and The Clause-oriented Approach to Complete Translation as the two theoretical foundations and translation data from several popular large corpora and our own corpus of Complete Translation. Meeting the “three-adequacy” research requirement, that is, adequacy in observation, description and explanation, and following a two-triangle research principle, namely, a small triangle consisting of linguistic form, linguistic meaning and pragmatic value,  and a big triangle of intra-lingual contrast, transformation of thoughts and cultural exchange, the dissertation elaborates on 7 single sublimation mechanisms in terms of intension, extension, motivation and classification as well as their combination capability and probability and concludes the tendency of adopting 57 combination mechanisms in translation practice. The study will not only enrich translation Theory of “Sublimity”, enhance the in-depth theoretical study on Complete Translation, deepen the probe into translation universals and offer the guidance for translation methodology; it will also provide theoretical support and statistical proof for translation practice, translation teaching (including the translation in the field of foreign language teaching and Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages) and translation evaluation and machine translation.