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Educational activities on Personal and Property safety of Students In School of Foreign Languages
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Educationalactivities on Personal and Property safety

ofStudents In School of Foreign Languages

Recently,the school of foreign language has launched educational activities on the themeof college students’ safety to ensure students’ personal safety and propertysecurity,in accordance with the relevant requirements of the university.

Eachgrade’s different classes held a safety education meeting where students wereprovided with brochures on campus safety ,which required all students tostrictly abide by national laws as well as the regulations of our university.Students should keep up to date with information regarding safety, especiallyconcerning Internet fraud, campus loans, dormitory fire protection and foodsafety. In addition, students should be ware ofpyramid schemes and heresy, and buildup safety awareness, improve capacity in guarding against security risksand ensure the safety of life and property. Besides, absences should beperformed following university’s rules and regulations. Any outings duringholidays require parents’ permission first, then your destination and contactnumber must be provided to your counsellor, roommates, classmates and parents.Most importantly, always keep your communication open.

Furthermore,all grades strictly implement a bedtime check system. The inspection team ledby the leader of our college will conduct random checks to find problems ofelectricity safety, indiscriminately pulling wires, check tounauthorized visitors in dormitory room andother irregularities to safeguard the safety of student dormitories. Accordingto school regulation, evacuation drills should be held for students to learnthe use of common fire-fighting equipment and be more capable of dealing withvarious accidents.

Throughsafety education activities, safety awareness of the whole university wasraised, which helps keep a safe environment for everybody on the campus.