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Leaders and Teachers of Foreign Language School to Qingdao To open up more employment channels for students in Qingdao
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Leaders andTeachers of Foreign Language School to Qingdao

To open up more employmentchannels for students in Qingdao

From May 27thto May 29th, 2018, Secretary of CPC of the Foreign Language SchoolWei Yingzhong, vice dean Li Minjie, along with Mr. Zhang Xiaotang and counselorof seniors Liu Tiantian, visited Qingdao to open up more employment channels,promoting graduates employment and negotiating withcompanies to set up internship base for students. These measures were aimed atpromoting employment and improving the quality of employment for graduates ofForeign Language School.

During theirstay in Qingdao, Secretary Wei and other members firstly visited ReSourcePro, adata technology company located in Qingdao Software Park, where they held talkswith the leaders of the company on issues of graduates employment and studentsinternship. The two sides reached a preliminary agreement on sending the firstgroup of interns from this July.

After visitingReSourcePro Company, Secretary Wei and his team went to Global ToneCommunication Technology Co. Ltd(GTCOM).They visited the translation andinterpretation working site cooperated by SCO Summit and GTCOM. An agreement onemployment and internship was also reached with GTCOM. At the end of thisvisit, Secretary Wei met and gave instructions to seven students from ouruniversity who participated in translation and interpretation work of SCOSummit.

The job-market-expending events havedeepened the communications between our university and Qingdao business community,laying a solid foundation and providing support for the job hunting ofgraduates from Foreign Language School.