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The Student Representative Forum of the First Term for the 2018-2019 Academic Year
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TheStudent Representative Forum

of the First Term for the 2018-2019 AcademicYear 

2018-09-04Reporter:Qi LiBing

Newsemester,new start.With the beginning of the first term in 2018,our instituteheld a student representative forum at the conference room on the 4th floor ofthe 10th teaching building on September 3rd to learn more about students'summer holiday and gather some constructive suggestions from them .

Presentat the meeting were the secretary of the party committee Wei Yingzhong,thedeputy secretary Deng JunXi,the deputy president Li Minjie,instructors fromeach grade and student representatives。

Duringthe forum,the student representatives expressed their ideas inlight of students' experiences from thesummer vacation on the improvement of the school work and changes anddevelopments after the 40-year reform and opening-up policy.

Mostrepresentatives expressed that most students enjoyed a rich and meaningfulvacation by participating in varieties ofactivities.In addition,they all gave helpful advice from their ownexperiences and expressed their feelings about the rapid transformations thatthe reform and opening-up policy has brought.They have seen the progress of ourcountry and felt the convenience with the speeding up of the economicrestructuring.The reform and opening-up policy is sure to bring radical changeswherever it goes.

At last,Chairmen Wei and Vice President Limade a summary on the forum.We are confident that with the joint efforts ofteachers and students,the School of Foreign Languages will be better andbetter!