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Lecture on English Learning Skills and Career Planning for Foreign Language Majors Commences
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Lecture on English Learning Skills and Career Planning  for Foreign Language Majors Commences


October 19, 2018

Journalist, Zhang Qian

On  Thursday evening, October 18th, Wu Jun, incumbent Professor at  School of Foreign Languages, Deputy Dean of School of Education Science, the  supervisor of postgraduate students at Guangxi Teachers Education University,  and a 1998 alumnus of this university, delivered a lecture on English Learning Skills and Career  Planning for Foreign Language Majors at Runliang Lecture Hall in Academic  Exchange Center. Deng Junxi, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee of our school,  attended the lecture.

At  the very beginning of the lecture, Professor Wu went straight to the point by  introducing the five essential elements in foreign language learning –  listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translating, but focusing mainly  on reading and writing. In terms of reading, he emphasized the importance of  vocabulary and encouraged students to read more original English literature,  popular science, and news. As for writing, he suggested students imitate  well-polished sentences, and pay attention to logic, wording and phrasing, and  rationale of sentences in writing a passage.

Professor  Wu then proceeded to the two major abilities in foreign language learning,  namely the ability of writing in Chinese and comprehensive ability. Chinese  writing directly relates to translation and affects logic in English writing  while comprehensive ability highlights the four aspects: communication,  organization, coordination, and management. Meanwhile, Professor Wu pointed  out that today’s society requires unity and coordination, so university  students should persistent in improving their comprehensive ability, but  should also concentrate on communication skills.

After  talking about foreign language learning, Professor Wu shared with us some  advice on career planning for foreign language majors and identified six  directions after graduation – taking postgraduate entrance examinations,  civil service examinations, teacher establishment examinations, entering a  foreign trade corporation, studying abroad, and becoming self-employed. For  the students who want to take postgraduate entrance examination, Professor  recommended to prepare early, to know about the latest relevant policies and  to be familiar with the requirements of the examination. For those who want  to become civil servants, they need prepare for the Essay Test, keep  themselves informed about current politics and hot news, and ensure logical  speaking and time management and rule consciousness during the interview. In  order to become a teacher of the establishment, students first need to  acquire the National Teacher Certificate and concentrate on trial teaching.  To enter a foreign trade corporation, students should be sure to select  trade-related courses and put theoretical knowledge into practice and not  allow themselves to be constrained to books. Regarding studying abroad,  preparations need to be made accordingly for application. Next, Professor Wu  used an example of one of his students to demonstrate that students ought to  accumulate experience and avoid hasty action in becoming self-employed.

Withthe closure of the lecture, Professor Wu expressed his sincere blessing andhope for the students of our School of Foreign Languages. The lecture ended incomplete success.