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Pondering before the stepping journey ——Exchange meeting on postgraduate and job-seeking for junior Business English and Translation majors
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Pondering before thestepping journey

——Exchange meeting onpostgraduate and job-seeking for

junior Business English and Translation majors


Reporter :Zheng Simin

At 14:30, May 3rd, junior Business English and Translation majors gathered together inRoom 307, and had an exchange meeting on postgraduate and job-seeking. Mrs.Liu,the counsellor of these students, held this conference. Yu Shuang and DongQicai, the outstanding graduates of Year 2018 were invited to share theirvaluable experience on postgraduate examination and postgraduaterecommendation.

Firstly, Mrs.Liushared her department’s past 6 years’ experience of watching what directionsgraduates take after graduating, especially the situation of postgraduateeducation. With regard to students’ plan after graduation, whether continuingpostgraduate education, going abroad or finding a job, Mrs.Liu commented onmental process of making your choice, which is influenced by many factors. Weshould know ourselves better, thoroughly search available resources and dealwith problems rationally in order to ensure the choice made is best for what weneed and what we want.

Students who decide toget postgraduate education may face the trouble of selecting school and major.Affected by the big environment and negative influences like anxiety andinferiority, students may irrationally choose a famous university or popularmajor over a wiser choice. So, how to make a decision? Mrs.Liu said rationaljudgement should be made through objectively studying the schools and majorsand thorough understanding our own desires and needs. Afterwards, Mrs.Liu sharedsome advice concerning cross-major postgraduate examination.

In addition, twoexcellent graduates shared some useful advice from their own experience. DongQicai, successfully recommended to Sun Yat-sen University, explained someissues on the postgraduate recommendation. And Yu Shuang from Wuhan University,talked about how to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination indetail.

At around 16:00, themeeting came to an end. Thanks to this meeting, students could map out theirown paths and also learned many new things about postgraduate education. It’sworth believing that students will no longer feel puzzled and will work hardtowards their goal.