Our college held the party's nineteenth spirit study session
Focusing on "the construction of ethnology of anthropology in the new era", Chinese anthropological ethnology was held in our school in 2017
The social work professional student team of our college won the third prize in the third social work practice case competition in Hubei province
"National cultural ecological protection zone and construction of well-off society in ethnic areas"The international symposium is held in our school
Many achievements in scientific research of our college have been awarded provincial and ministerial awards
Our college holds the fifth Tibetan festival to strengthen communication among ethnic groups
“Southern Ethnic Group Relation and Social Development”Seminar Held in SCUN
Professor Ma Guoqing held discussions on “National Standard of Ethnology Teaching Quality”
The third “Young and middle-aged scholars on Anthropology and Ethnology Training Class ” held in SCUN
Courseware “Ethnic Theory and Policy” awarded the second prize
Ethnology PhD workshop set up in Wufeng Tujia ethnic autonomous county
Academic Visiting: Jorge Delva, University of Michigan,USA
Communication makes progress, reference makes innovation: Michael Spencer, University of Michigan, visiting CES
Academic Visiting: Patrick McAllister, Canterbury University, New Zealand
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