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List of outstanding bachelor's degree papers recommended by the School of Public Administration for 2018 published
The second batch of the re-examination of graduate students majoring in MPA in 2018 from the Central South University for nationalities
Bachelor ' s Degree Thesis ( Design ) , 2018 .
The results of the great creation (creative training class) establishment and defense in 2018
2018 "100 City Community" winter vacation survey and recruitment notice
Notice of transfer of Specialty 2017 of the School of Public Administration
Public announcement of qualifications for Professional and Technical posts in 2017 at the School of Public Administration
work arrangements for graduation thesis for the class of 2018 at the School of Public Administration
arrangements for the process of the 2018 Bachelor's degree thesis at the School of Public Administration
Detailed rules for the implementation of the 2018 undergraduate education and exempting work of the Public Management College
The process arrangement of the 2018 bachelor's degree thesis in the school of public management
Professor Chang Ping-fu of Northeastern University, Japan
Public Management College 2016 professional and technical positions Qualification Assessment publicity
Topics of academic lectures: Putinism and Russia's Future
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