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Dean’s welcome2013-12-05(187)
The Research and Review meeting of the theme Education report of the School of Public Administration, Don't forget the original ideals and aspirations2019-10-29(0)
Professor Kuotsai Tom Liou, academician of National Administration of the United States, visits the Institute of Public Administration to carry out ac2019-10-29(0)
Symposium on the New semester 2019 of the School of Public Administration2019-09-25(1)
The second Congress of the Student Union of the League Committee2019-09-25(0)
Opening ceremony of Grade 2019 freshmen in the School of Public Administration2019-09-25(0)
The School of Public Administration holds the Fifth meeting on Innovation and Entrepreneurship of College students on the Internet2019-06-04(10)
Professor Zhao Man came to our college to give an academic lecture.2019-06-04(11)
Academic exchanges between the Student delegation of the School of Finance and Public Administration in Ludwig, Germany and the students of the Instit2019-05-16(8)
The General Assembly of the second Party Branch of the undergraduate students of the School of Public Administration was held smoothly2019-05-16(6)
Promoting the "three complete" Education and cultivating the New people of the "three Innovations"-the Scientific Research subject meeting of the 20172019-05-16(1)
Associate Professor Hu Xinli was invited to attend and give an academic presentation at the 2019 (ASPA) Annual Conference of the American Society of P2019-04-15(1)
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