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Yu Yanhua, deputy director of experimental teaching and laboratory management center, and his party came to our department to investigate the construc
The Stone of other Mountains, can attack the Jade -The researcher of Wu Yongbao, Wuhan City Academy of Social Sciences, came to our institute for acad
Professor Jin Binghao from Minzu University of China comes to our school
Associate Professor Rao Yingxue in the second batch of the "Hubei Province Youth Talent Development Program"
expert exchange meeting held by the Chinese Centre for the study of the Governance of ethnic and religious Affairs
Research fellow Zhou Qingzhi, Institute of political Science, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
"Sino-German Senior Forum on the training of Public Management talents" was successfully held at the School of Public Administration.
Professor Ma Chunbo, University of Western Australia, came to our hospital to give lectures
Professor Fabian G. Walling, University of Finance and Public Administration, Ludwig, Germany.
Academic lecture on the Forum on human relations
The exchange activities of the Chinese and German students were held smoothly
2017 "100 city community" summer research activities preaching
Class 2015 line management professional teaching intern reporting
Subject Teaching meeting on Research methods of Public Administration carried out successfully in our College
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