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    The Public Management took in the first batch of undergraduates in September 2005,it belonged to the Department of Public Management originally, it set up its individual department the following year, there are now eleven full-time teachers:two professors, three adjunct professors, eight teachers who have obtained their own doctorate, and they form a general rational structure which includes titles, qualifications, ages and so on. Besides the undergraduate education, our department have put administrative postgraduate education since 2006, and our department was allowed to enroll MPA.

    In past three years, teachers of the Public Management Department have managed a key project of National Society and Science Foundation, three projects of National Society and Science Foundation, two projects of Science and Humanity Programme in Ministry of Education, one project of Society and Science Foundation in Hubei Province, several projects of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, Society and Science Foundation in Wuhan and Provincial Educative Reform. All teachers in our department have published 100 articles in GuangMing Daily, China’s Administrative Management, and also in other national academic journals, some of articles have been totally reprinted by Xinhua Digest and National People’s Congress copies. At the same time, the science publisher, Wuhan University Press and other important publishers have published academic books and teaching materials.

    Through a series of educational reform in recent years, our department actively explores a new pattern of training administrative talents in nationality areas, mainly explores a pattern of classified training by teaching students in accordance with their aptitude; push on students’ personality training by putting tutorial system; pay high attention to the training of student’ overall qualities by classroom teaching reform; pay attention to the training of students’ ability of innovation practice; we also train top students by setting up multiple experimental class of Public management, and we have achieved good results now.




Department of public administration


Educational Background

Research Interests:

Wu Kaisong

Professor, Ph.D advisor

Government crisis management, grass-roots government management

Su Zuqin

Professor, master’s advisor

Local government, government’s human resource development

Wang Yingying


Associate professor, master’s advisor


Contemporary World Economy and Politics, Marxist Philosophy Principle, Situation and Policy, Japan Problem Studies

Wang Wen-you


Associate professor, master’s advisor


Scientific Socialism, Contemporary Chinese politics


Peng Qing-jun


associate professor, master’s advisor

Political Development Theory; Public governance at the grass-roots level in national regions

Chao Peng


Assistant professor,


Public economics and public policy

Fujian Fang


Assistant professor,


public opinion of internet and ethos

Wang Zhi-hua


Assistant professor,


Administrative Management


Hu Xinli


Assistant professor,


E-government and government decision-making; E-government 2.0


Wu Yanyan

Assistant professor,


Public policy