The second batch of the re-examination of graduate students majoring in MPA in 2018 from the Central South University for nationalities
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I. determination of qualifications for the second examination

1. The first volunteer applied for public administration major in our school and the initial test results were in line with the requirements of the qualification line for the second examination in the national A region;

2. The first test results reach the national class a retest qualification line, which is in line with the basic education and work experience required by the Ministry of education for the MPA graduate students, and I voluntarily apply for the adjustment of the students to the MPA in our school.


II. Time, place and related arrangements for the second interview

Re-examination time: 10 April 2018

Venue: building no. 15, central south university for nationalities


.the certificate and materials carried by the re-examination institute

Candidates are required to provide the following original documents for examination and submit copies of relevant documents and list of materials at the time of registration

.Re - test expenses

Refer to relevant documents of Hubei Price Bureau, collect 100 yuan for each examinee.