21 Young Professional Elite training Camp starts smoothly
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At noon on April 25, 2018, the Public Administration Student Mental Health Workstation opened 21 Youth Professional Elite training camps in classroom 100, Building 11.Participants in the opening ceremony included mental health workstation staff and the first class of students from various colleges.

The meeting will begin. Yao Shipei, a member of mental health workstation, introduced the 21 youth professional elite training camp.The activity is designed by the instructor of mental health work station , and the guidance and financing of the school ' s mental health education center is obtained . It is mainly through vocational training camp activities to improve students ' self - cognition level , vocational planning awareness and job - seeking ability , which is the vocational training and development activities that are built for the school students .

A successful career begins with self-introduction, so the first task of a career training camp is to introduce yourself at the opening ceremony. In this session, students are asked to introduce themselves in a short and distinctive way. Try to impress other students.The staff and all the participants in this training camp have introduced themselves one after another.Through each other's brief and characteristic self-introduction, the students not only show their own style, but also have a certain understanding and understanding of the other students participating in the activities.

Finally, Yao Shipei summed up the meeting. She said that the speeches of the students were excellent. Everyone displayed themselves in their own unique way. For the next 10 days, there would be small tasks to be published every day. Hope that all the students can actively complete, strive for a smooth graduation.