Actively prepare to meet the beginning of the new semester with a full spirit-hold the working meeting of student cadres at the level of 2015 and 2017
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On March 4, 2018, Longhua counselors of Grade 15 and Grade 17 and all students of Grade 15 and Grade 17 held the first meeting of Student cadres in the new semester in 816.This meeting mainly revolves around the beginning of term each student work and so on content unfolds.

Longhua counselors first stressed that March 5 is the first day of the new semester, I hope that students will return to their normal study life as soon as possible, and explain the registration matters.Registration must be carried by the student to the counsellor's office.Face-to-face communication helps to increase the chances and interactions between students and counselors.In addition, each class should hold a class meeting, including sharing and exchanging news and news of winter vacation, readjusting the state to welcome the new semester and drawing up the new term plan, and mobilizing the students to actively participate in the work and life of the new semester.

Later, Longhua counselors affirmed the class activities carried out by each class last semester, and obviously improved the class's centripetal force and cohesion through class activities.Looking forward to the new semester, the counselors encourage students to take grade as the unit, to develop students' abilities in all aspects and to give students opportunities to show.

After that, the third year students of grade 15 are emphasized on the upcoming graduate school entrance examination mobilization meeting, and the students' assignment of statistical intention is applied to graduate students.Longhua counselors focused on the college students graduated from the three major directions that is, employment in enterprises, entrance examination, civil servants.Facing the grim employment situation and the poor employment quality of undergraduates, students are encouraged to pursue their further studies.

Finally, the counsellor mobilized each class to hold the spirit of the third Plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the spirit of the two sessions.

The work of the new term is arranged through the first class cadre meeting in the new semester to ensure the orderly progress of the work and activities.