Bachelor ' s Degree Thesis ( Design ) , 2018 .
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1.Detection range

Bachelor ' s Degree Thesis ( Design ) , 2018 .

2. detection software

  The paper management system of college students in China is used to test.Login site: (all kinds of applications) in the information portal of Central South University for nationalities, or directly go to the Web site: http: / / / / guide teachers and students choose "teacher / student entrance".

3. System usage method

Important reminders: user manuals at all levels can be downloaded in the annex to this circular.Users are requested to modify their passwords in time after logging in to prevent embezzlement.

Student: student login user name for my school number (last year to login to the system to graduate student number before adding "WJ"), the initial password for the identity card after the eight.At the time of examination, the electronic version of the paper is named as "College _ major _ name _ title".For example: "School of Public Administration _ Administration _ Stud 2014213000 _ Zhang San _ small Town Construction and Planning" (note the underline).

Teacher: teacher login user name is my work number, the initial password for the identity card after the eight.

4. Detection mode and timing

(1)Test method: the examination adopts the way that the student uploads the paper to carry on the examination.This reexamination gives each student twice the chance to submit a paper test.The results of the first test are for the reference of the student and the instructor only; the second test and review determines whether the student is eligible for defense.(important reminder: each student has only one chance to submit the test within the time frame of each test, please make sure to upload the paper and click "submit")

(2)Test schedule:

1 for the first time:

Students first uploaded the test time: April 25, 2018 08:00 - April 27, 2018 at 16:00 (overdue can not be uploaded)

The first time of the teacher's review: 08: 00-28 April 2018, 08: 00-28 April 2018 16:00

For the first time, the student login system needs to select their own thesis instructor in the system, and then submit the paper for inspection. After submitting the paper, the results can be viewed immediately.Please notify your instructor to check the results after submission.

2 secondary detection:

Student second time to upload the test time: May 7, 2018 08:00 - May 9, 2018 16:00 (overdue can not be uploaded)

Second review time for teachers: may, 2018, 08: 00 May 10, 2018

By printing the text copy test report sheet (succinct), the teacher is instructed to sign and confirm the test paper in accordance with the submission of the paper, and to save it in the graduation paper (design) reference kit.

II.Determination and processing of test results


1. Test result determination standard

The reference Standard for determining the property of checking and retesting in the graduation thesis (Design) of the Class of 2018 undergraduate students

Category of results

detection result

Preliminary identification of nature



Through testing



Suspected plagiarism



There is a suspected serious plagiarism


2. Test report form archiving

Students are required to print the text copy test report sheet (succinct), and guide the teacher to sign and confirm the test paper in accordance with the submission of the paper, and save it in the graduation thesis (design) reference kit.

III. Other matters

1. The number of test papers is a valuable resource purchased by the school. Colleges and students should take it seriously and operate carefully to prevent misinformation and misinformation.Those who waste resources by mishandling are at their own expense.

2. This system can only be used for the graduation thesis (design) inspection of undergraduate students in our college.In the process of using the system, all the users should keep the information, contents and results of the system strictly confidential. It is strictly forbidden to use the system to detect fees or other papers.

3. Students and teachers in the use of the system in the process of doubt, the use of the manual can not be resolved, can contact the school administrator Miss Sun solution, contact the telephone number: 67842677.