"Pomegranate seed • the most warm roommate love" will be wrapped up in the New Year of 2018.
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On the evening of December 28, 18:30, from south-central university for nationalities institute of public administration level 2016 league students, information media center supported by "pomegranate seeds, the most warm roommate sentiment" 2018 New Year's day party held in the college students' activity center ballroom. At that time, 16 students will be present, 16 level instructors and some level 2016 class assistants will attend the event. Pomegranate seeds spirit is the result of xi jinping general secretary in the middle of the second work in xinjiang symposium in speech: "all ethnic groups to mutual understanding, mutual respect, mutual tolerance, mutual appreciation, mutual learning and mutual help, like pomegranate seeds, tightly embrace together." In traditional Chinese culture, pomegranate has always been regarded as the mascot, which is the symbol of many children and many blessings. When the pomegranate fruit ripens, the seeds of pomegranate seeds, seeds and seeds are full, and they are tightly packed with each other, as the 56 ethnic groups in China are closely united. South-central university for nationalities is the cradle of the national talent cultivation, xi jinping, general secretary with "tightly embrace together like pomegranate seeds" metaphor "national unity", vivid, the profound meaning, full of expectations, artistic conception far-reaching. The school of public administration, as one of the departments of the university of central and southern nationalities, promotes the spirit of pomegranate seeds. At the same time, roommates, as an essential part of our college years a group of people, and friendship among roommates is particularly important, this activity in line with the purpose of implementing "pomegranate seeds" spirit, in the pattern of our multi-national whereabouts actually realized the small bedroom environment, to unity of all ethnic groups of students, roommates together, create a warm bedroom. To this end, the public school of public administration has launched an online and offline interactive activity on the platform of WeChat public "public management".

At last, the event held the award ceremony of our 16th grade 2016 -- 2017 annual awards. The teacher of the 16th grade counselor's military teacher gave the prize to the winner and delivered a speech. He noted that the success of the past year's work in this year's students was inseparable from these excellent student cadres and students, who deserved the honor. They also expressed their sincere congratulations and gratitude to them for their contributions to the college in 2017, and to congratulate them on their growth and success in their work and study. The teacher said, sincerely hope that you "don't forget the beginner's mind", strive to be a model, cherish the dream, continue to move forward. In the end, he looks forward to the study and work in 2018, and hopes that the students can continue to improve themselves in the New Year and live up to the expectations of their parents.