College of Public Administration practical course and closing ceremony of grassroots League School on 2017
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In order to carry forward the patriotic tradition, promote national unity, create a good campus culture environment, and build a harmonious and beautiful life. On December 1st, at 08:30, the College of Public Management held the practical course and graduation ceremony of the College of Public Management at the College of Public Management.

This practice course uses the form of singing competition, a total of 2017 class of 6 classes to participate, by 17 grades of the organization department Wang Feng, Wang Yuhan, and invited counselors teacher teacher. Deputy Secretary of the League to Qin, Yang Han, President of the Institute, Zhang Qing, vice president of the Academy as the judge.

The songs sung by the six classes all show the responsibility of the youth generation and the most sincere love of the motherland in varying degrees. Social Security 1701 class brought "singing the motherland" with high feelings and strong appeal, has been the audience's praise. This practice course not only deepened our love for the motherland. As a young generation, we will be down-to-earth, study hard, play the strongest sound of the times!