The 4th School of Public Administration Badminton Teacher-student Competition was successfully held
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On the afternoon of December 3rd, the School of Public Administration held the 4th Badminton teacher and Student Competition at the badminton court of the Gymnasium. Some teachers, students and members of the badminton team participated in the event.

There are men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles. More than 20 teachers and students participated in the competition. Teachers and students showed their love for badminton as a sport and their support for extra-curricular activities held by the college. For this competition showed respect and enthusiasm. Some teachers in the busy work to rush to the stadium to participate in the competition; Some students, although the skills are mediocre, still actively fight. Teachers and students contest exercise, healthy body and mind, enrich each other's weekend time.

The badminton match between teachers and students has always been based on the principle of "friendship first, competition second, strengthen the exchange between teachers and students" principle. After the game, teachers and students clapping high five to encourage, teachers and students are also friends.

The competition has enriched the after-school life of teachers and students and provided opportunities for them to exercise. At the same time, it has strengthened the exchanges and contacts between teachers and students, enhanced the friendship between teachers and students, and narrowed the distance between teachers and students. Through the competition to show our teachers and students positive, hard-working, constantly enterprising spirit.