Foreign experts’ projects
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Professor Niu Mingshi from Duke University was invited to give a lecture in our school


    On December 18th ,2015,at the invitation of Dean Wu ,Professor Niu Mingshi from Duke University was invited to give a lecture in our school  titled“Choose the beans: The history and politics behind the secret vote”in the multi-functional Conference Hall of Teaching Development Demonstration Center.Dean Wu Kaisong,Associate Dean Li Haipeng,Professor Su Zuqin, Professor Liu Chengwu and many teachers as well as students attended this forum.  

    Professor Niu Mingshi combed the history of the secret voting in every typical country, analysed the background and reasons of the secret ballot and made a detailed introduction of the technical means when making the secret ballot.The lecture were simple but profound ,vivid and humorous.After the lecture,Professor Niu Mingshi made a donation ceremony,every teachers and students attended the forum has got a book autographed by Professor Niu. 





Academic research always on the road----“International High Level Forum on Public Govemance in the Context of Big Data ” bring into a successful close

The sparkling lake water and the twin towers add radiance and beauty to each other.In order to enhance the domestic and overseas public administration scholars’ communication,many domestic and overseas public administration scholars and researchers attended the International High Level Forum on Public Govemance in the Context of Big Data,which held in our university academic exchange center national lecture hall from October 24th to October 25th ,2015.
Centering on the topic of”how to do the public govemance in the context of big data ”.Professors from domestic universities such as South-Central University for Nationalities , Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology,National Chung Cheng University and professor Liu Guocai from University of Central Florida and professor Norbert Schafer from University of Applied Science Ludwigsburg,Professor Huang Weiqiao from Western Michigan University ,Professor Badrinath from Kettering University,Professor Winfried.E.H.Blum from University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences made the speech in succession.Professor Norbert Schafer centering on “the importance of mental first-aid for the firemen as well as the paramedics and the victims”explained his comprehension of first-aid in nowadays society.Professor Ding Huang from Wuhan University focusing on “the housing security and housing found innovation in the information age” and  pointed out the issues of the housing security.During the forum ,experts had the in-depth communication,wishing to enhance the development of public governance. 
  In the end,dean Wu pointed out that the domestic and overseas experts constitute this forum,all the members attended this forum have the good appearance and three-in-one combination of the old ,the middle-aged and the young talents makes the forum to be diversified .
  The forum focus on the ingenious topic,seeing from the different views.There are prodigious number of experts and social elites make the joint efforts to combine the theory and practice.The forum is going to make the significant impact on the research direction and the development of public governance.




Professor Liu Guocai from University of Central Florida was invited to give lectures in our school

On the afternoon of October 25th , Professor Liu Guocai from University of Central Florida was invited to make an academic lecture entitled "the opportunity and risk of government reform" in the MPA meeting room of 10th building.
At first, Professor Liu refers to the Carden's words introduced the concept of administrative, then explain the purpose of administration, the administrative focus is managing on economic . Then he introduce the development of administrative management,taking United States as an example to review the administrative management of the developed countries,citing the Rosenbllom article on the four types of administrative management, at the same time explain the “American political patronage". Then he lists the administrative challenges in political, economic, and social aspects.Finally, he summarized the content of the lecture .Teachers and students communicate with professor Liu from the aspects of crisis management system, the United States government system as well as the evaluation of China and the United States . Professor Liu’s words has brought teachers and students a lot of inspiration .







Professor Huang Weiqiao from Western Michigan University was invited to give lectures in our school


  In the October 26th morning,economics professor Huang Weiqiao from Western Michigan University School at the invitation of our school in 15th building 816 conference room made a lecture about Research in Social Sciences General (Social Science Research Method) of the academic lectures for the public management college graduate students.
At first,Professor Huang Weiqiao introduced the history and basic situation of Western Michigan University, and introduced its own research direction and teaching area. Then,he made the analysis of the practical application of social science research methods. The method of the whole system, systematically and orderly introduction of the qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis in the practice of the use, including quantitative analysis and empirical analysis and mathematical analysis of two research methods.
Finally Professor Huang made the summary, Chinese academic research  methods has been very common , Chinese scholars have reached the same level of research with foreign scholars, graduate students should pay attention to quantitative research methods of learning and application.
   Through this academic exchange, we understand the current status of the international social science research methods and the latest achievements, and broaden the vision of scientific research.












Prof. E.H.Blum Winfried’s lectures

  On October 25th , 2015 at 14:30, Prof. E.H.Blum Winfried from Austria of Natural Resources Life and University Sciences made a lecture from the global land resources distribution and the perspective of soil intensive use in our school 15th  teaching building 816 conference room to show us his many years of land, agricultural research experience. The lecture hosted by professional Liu Chengwu , participants including scholars from South-Central University For Nationalities, Huazhong Normal University and Huazhong Agricultural University.








Professor Cui Xiaoqian from National Chung Cheng University was invited to make a lecture in our school


    On the October 24th , 2015 at half past 19, Professor Cui Xiaoqian from National Chung Cheng University was invited to make a lecture in our school teachers teaching development center,the lecture titled “the application of game theory in management". Teachers and students actively attended.











Professor Niu Mingshi from Duke University was invited to give a lecture in our school



****American society for public administration association president, Professor Liu GuoCai was invited to give lectures in our university.


International famous scholar, the United States National Natural Science Foundation's evaluation expert, the current president of the American Society for Public Administration, professor LiuGuoCai from the university of Florida delivered a lecture titled "Public Administration Studies in the US: free Theories, and Reforms" in the morning of October 18th in the academic hall for graduate and undergraduate students at the invitation of our university. The lecture was hosted by our Dean Professor Wu Kaisong. President Professor LeiZhaoHai attended the appointment ceremony.

****The professor Cheng ZhongYing from University of Hawaii was invited to give lectures in our school

Famous international philosopher and New Confucian representative, Professor ChengZhongYing from the University of Hawaii was invited to our university to give an academic report titled "Confucian culture and the modern management," in the evening of June 14 in the international academic exchange hall. The report was hosted by our Hu Bingxian, vice dean of the institution with whole teachers and students attended.
Professor Cheng Zhongying gave a brief review of the connotation of Confucianism, role of culture and history, comparing the differences and similarities between Confucianism and Western religious beliefs. Professor Cheng Zhongying pointed out that the Confucian ideas have important value and function of economic and social development of modern management, and we must adhere and excavate this culture and essence. This can also prompt the cultural renaissance of our Chinese nation.

****The Delegation of Sydney University Visited Our School

Associate professor Lesley Harbon (an associate dean of international relations) from School of education and social work and Dr.Ying Zhang from School of public health of University of Sydney paid an exchange visit to our college on the morning of May 6, 2013. The symposium was hosted by Dean Wu Kaisong, Prof. Meng Lijun, Ye Hui, Hu Xinli, Lu Yu, Zhao Dongmei and Prof. Shu Jing and Yang Yang from foreign language school have attended the meeting.


****Professor Kaifeng Yang at the Florida State University Visited Our College For Academic Communication

By the invitation of the College of Public Administration, Professor Kaifeng Yang of the Florida State University visited our college for academic communication.  Faculty and students participated in the lectures actively.
Prof. Kaifeng Yang is the professor and Ph.D Director at the Askew School of the Florida State University.  He is the president of Section of Public Performance and Management of American Society for Public Administration, and the evaluation expert of National Natural Science Foundation of America.  His research and teaching interests are in public and strategic management, organizational theory and behavior, performance measurement, citizen participation, and e-government.  Prof. Yang is responsible for a number of research projects, and published many monographs, translations, and a great lot of research papers in the international authoritative journals in recent years.  He has very high prestige in the academic field.  And he is committed to promote the cooperation and exchange of the American Society of Public Administration and China Association of administration.
Prof. Yang also gave students meticulous guidance of writing and publishing academic papers from the topics, the samples, the analytical methods, the evaluation methods, the measurement methods, the policy recommendations, and other aspects. He evaluated the advantages and disadvantages of students research papers, and gave suggestions for improvement.
The wide range of communication and interaction between the faculty and students lead to a positive discussion and profound thoughtfulness.  The teachers and students derived a good deal of benefit and enlightenment from these forums and lectures.


****Dr. Hsiao Nai-yi from the National Chengchi University was Invited to Give Lectures

Director of the center for electronic governance, Associate Prof. Hsiao Nai-yi from the National Chengchi University gave a lecture entitled "Services and Management of Electronic Governance: Review and Prospects" in the third conference room of Academic Exchange center of our university. The lecture was hosted by Dr. Hu Xin-li. On behalf of all the teachers and students, Dr. Hu Xin-li expressed warm welcome to Dr. Hsiao Nai-yi, she briefly introduced Dr. Hsiao's experiences and academic achievements, then the academic report began in the sound of applause.

****MOLLY from Syracuse University have the scholar exchange with our student

On October 29th, Molly from the Maxwell School of the Syracuse University had a face-to-face academic communication with our school's students and teachers in the third meeting room in the academic exchange center.Dr.Hu Xinli from our institute hosted the activity with the 2010-administrative experimental students took part in.
Molly introduced herself first, and then told the students the research purpose and research plan of the trip. As students focused on three questions: the differences between American and Chinese education; jiangnan style which is popular around the world; The Nobel Prize winner, mo yan. Molly gave her own views on these questions. Through this activity, the students got further understanding of American society and culture. Meanwhile they are also getting trained in their oral communication ability.

****Dr.Yi Hongtao from the Ohio University was Invited to Give Lectures

Assistant professor Yi Hongtao from the state University of Ohio, USA was Invited to deliver a Lecture entitled " America's energy policy: issues, challenges and countermeasures" on the morning of June 27 in 5th floor, Room 300 (Wege Classroom).The teachers Peng Qingjun, Ye Hui from our school attended the lecture as well with some graduate students together. The lecture was hosted by Dr Hu Xinli. At the beginning, Dr Hu was expressed warm welcome to the arrival of Dr Yi Hongtao on behalf of teachers and students, and then he briefly introduces the Dr Yi's life experiences, academic achievement and reports. Then the lecture was begun with the warm applause.