Academic research in our school
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  The school has a high-level academic platform. Until now we have one National demonstration center of teaching and teacher development (the TeachersTeaching Development Centre of the Central University for Nationalities); one Key Research Base for Humanities and Social Science Research by State Ethnic Affairs Commission (Research Base for Minority Ethnic Education Development); one key research base of humanities and social science in Hubei Province (economy and society research center in ethnic areas in Hubei Province), and one characteristic discipline in Hubei Province (Education Economic and Management). Besides, the school has some Institutes: such as the Academy of Educational Sciences; the Research Center for Minority Ethnic Education Development; the Institute of Rural Development in Ethnic Areas, the Research Center for Economic and Social Development at Ethnic Areas in Hubei Province and the Institute of Public Management.

  Academic research in our school is fruitful. During the last five years, the school has been granted 12 projects sponsored by National Social Science Foundation, 20 projects funded by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the State Ethnic Affairs Commission and 40 projects funded by other departments. We got 10 more awards including Outstanding Achievement Award of the national educational research, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission Social Science Achievement Award and so on. Besides, we have published over 170 articles in academic journals and more than 30 academic achievements.