Professor Huang Ruiqin from our academy attended the Social security teaching seminar
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China Association of Social Security has been authorized by the state council,registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The association is an academic, non-profit social organization, consisting of the experts and scholars and who are engaged in social security and related fields(including social insurance,social assistance, social welfare,benefits for and placement of honorably discharged  veterans, charitable public welfare, occupational welfare and related commercial insurance) and other organizations.The purpose of the association is to unite the experts, scholars and professionals in social security and related fields, to conduct research on social security and international academic exchange so as to perfect social security, promote the welfare of the people and facilitate the development of a harmonious society.

    From September 18th ,2015 to September 20th,2015 , the Social security teaching seminar sponsored by China Association of Social Security was held in Huazhong University of Science and Technology.There are more than 150 experts from  more than 50 universities like Renmin University of China, Zhejiang University,Wuhan University,Nanjing University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Huazhong University of Science and Technology.The seminar lasted for three days.

    The seminar is divided into six forums-the personnel training,course construction, social security, service for old people, social welfare and assistance and social security. Professor Huang Ruiqin from the department of labor and social security submitted her thesis Residents’ Evaluation of Social Security Policy Effects and Analysis of its Effect Factors  and  and made his keynote speech. Director Yang Cuiying from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Social Security Research Center made the comments, pointing out that the viewpoint that if the spouse of the retiree is not given the pension benefits,the government should provide the corresponding subsidy to the spouse and their underage children is the highlight of the sub-forum.

    Communication and exchange with experts in labor and social security from other colleges and universities makes it clear for the major, labor and social security in our academy, to set goals, to design courses, to train the personnel etc.