Dr. Hu Xinli of our school published academic paper in SSCI
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 The scientific research paper wrote by Dr. Hu Xinli of our school was contributed to The Electronic Library in July 2012, after a lot of modification in Feb. 2013, it was accepted in March 2013, and finally published in the 33th volume January 2015, in this month issued the SSCI retrieval certification. The Electronic Library is the Social Science Citation Index journal, and ESI (Essential Science Indicators) Index journals.

    It is reported that Dr. Hu Xinli has published 12 articles in CSSCI, CSSCI extended edition as well as other public journals, and a monograph publication since she employed by SCUEC in June 2012. Since now, she has host 5 provincial projects, a prefectural project, an educational reform project, and won two provincial second prizes. In May 2015, she was awarded as the 54 Youth Pioneer from 2014 to 2015 in SCUEC.