The first end ceremony of the love training camp was successfully held.
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At noon on May 21, 2019, we ushered in the closing ceremony of the first phase of the 21 Youth Elite Love ability training Camp, which was held in Conference Room 839, Teaching Building 15. The staff of the spiritual and psychological post of the hospital and the guidance teacher of the psychological post of the spiritual rhinoceros took part in the activity. The activity is presided over by Li Xiaoqing and Jin Wenxin. 21 Young elite love ability training camp aims to help students improve their self-awareness and interpersonal ability, and help students to understand their emotions and deal with emotional problems more rationally.

In the first agenda of the ceremony, the moderator briefly reviewed the main contents of the training camp, and then the person in charge of the event made a brief summary and comments on the performance of the participants in the training camp in the past 14 days.

On the second agenda of the ceremony, all the participants expressed their feelings of attending the training camp one by one and shared their feelings over the past 14 days. The students said that through this training camp, they have a deeper understanding of interpersonal communication and a fuller understanding of themselves. Other students said that each small task helps them understand themselves and others, challenge themselves, and meet a lot of new friends at the same time. By participating in this training camp, the students learned to deal closely with the relationship with others, and their interpersonal communication skills were improved. at the same time, they also further understood and understood how to deal with the relationship with the opposite sex. More scientific and rational treatment of emotional issues, which is consistent with the main purpose of our training camp.

Although this training camp is over, but this is a new beginning, a new journey. Looking forward is a dream, a goal, a backward look is a result, is a correction, life sometimes needs to precipitate, in order to make themselves better. I hope all the students can work hard and have a more ideal life in the future.