The School of Public Administration holds the Fifth meeting on Innovation and Entrepreneurship of College students on the Internet
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In order to deeply study the important reply spirit of college students on "Young people's Red Dream Journey", fully implement the "Internet" College students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in China, and display the achievements of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in our school, The Innovation and Entrepreneurship practice Center of the School of Public Administration held the fifth Internet students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship reply meeting of the School of Public Administration. The teams participating in the competition completed their hospital defense on May 17, 2019.



Shi Junqiang, Mr. Fang Kun, Mr. Huang Ruiqin participated in the reply and served as a judge teacher.After the host announced the rules of the game, the defense officially began. Each team defense time is five minutes, each representative will their own team results for a wonderful display, with the reply, the scene atmosphere is in full swing. When all the team finished, the three teachers commented on the reply and scored. They expressed a strong feeling of the enthusiasm of the students for the competition, but also saw the passion and vitality of the students for innovation and entrepreneurship, at the same time, they hope that the students can maintain this enthusiasm and work hard forever. Go to the bigger stage with confidence and smile.

The holding of the Fifth "Internet" College students Innovation and Entrepreneurship reply Association encouraged and guided more students from the Institute of Public Administration to participate, strengthened students' awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship, and improved students' practical ability. This activity fully shows the positive spiritual style of the students of the Institute of Public Administration.