In the wind, in the rain, just to meet you.
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Volunteerism starts from a loving heart, and lies in what we are doing. As a youth of the new era, it is our duty to dedicate love and convey warmth. Based on this, our class actively responded to the call of "The love is always with you", and organized this voluntary activity. We bring joy and knowledge to the children and at the same time, we gained a lot in our inner heart.


"wherever you go, no matter how bad the weather is, always remember to take your own sunshine." It was a bad day, but the wind and raindrops could not stop us. Finally, we arrived at the Flower Education Center in Gusao Road. We were touched by the children’s smile and happiness as soon as we get there and the tension of some volunteers were soon released.


If you are kind, God will be with you. We all have a feeling of fullness in this volunteering activity, just as someone says "I always think that goodness is one of the softest but also the most powerful feelings in human nature." you bring sunshine to others and it will warm yourself. What you irrigate is hope, and what you reap is the future.