Rational orientation, active Entrepreneurship, and Future prospects-the 2019 Congress of Employment Mobilization for graduates of Public Administratio
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In order to further improve the employment rate of the Department of Public Administration, to help students understand the current employment situation, enhance their employment awareness, reasonably position themselves, we set up a correct outlook on job selection, and actively carry out job search activities, the School of Public Administration holds the 2019 graduate’s employment mobilization conference in classroom 510 in 11th building at 14:30 on March 13, 2019. The graduates of the School of Public Administration participated in the conference, which was presided over by the student Counselor,Mr. Longhua.

First of all, Mr. Long communicate with everyone about the reasonable positioning. He pointed out that students must be aware of their own situation, combining ideal with reality, making a reasonable and accurate professional positioning.Then, Mr. long made a detailed analysis of the data of the college's Postgraduate Entrance Examination and Civil Service Examination, and again stressed the need to recognize the current employment situation, pointed out that although the time of youth is valuable, it is necessary to do many attempts, but the attempt does not mean to make unnecessary sacrifices, not only to look at the starry sky, but also stick to the ground. A scientific and reasonable analysis avoid unnecessary sacrifices, and finding a correct career positioning will lead you to your dream.

Secondly, Mr. Long carried on a guidance around the employment work. Mr. Long shared his own suggestions and opinions on the Postgraduate Entrance Examination and Civil Service Examination and job seeking, and introduced a variety of employment channels. In terms of job seeking, Mr. Long hopes that during the recruitment period from March to April, students can actively participate in employment and job hunting activities, pay close attention to all sorts of recruite information provided from teachers, universities and enterprises in Wuhan. Actively seize the job opportunities that suit you.

Finally, Mr. Long reminded students to give timely feedback to the college on their job search situation and carefully fill out the relevant information about the graduation direction of the Employment Information Network. I hope that everyone can make this important choice in life cautiously, positively, optimistically and bravely. And I wish all the students can find the ideal job or enter the ideal university.