PPT production and sharing meeting for Administration and Management
Time:2018-07-06 Views:


In order to improve the comprehensive accomplishment of students majoring in administration and the ability of applying office software, on the evening of June 1, the administrative management major of the School of Public Management held a sharing meeting on the production of flash PowerPoint in classroom 816 of 15 teaching buildings. The meeting was attended by Ms. Hu Xinli and representatives of various professional classes of industry management. The students had a lively exchange and sharing on PowerPoint production skills.

At the conference, the main speaker was class 1601, class 1601, Sun Lemei. She shared the skills of making the flash and told everyone that the key to the flash PPT was to grasp the changes in the rhythm and the location of the typesetting. Fast and slow, which requires us to constantly modify. A beautiful dynamic PPT takes a lot of energy and time, so be careful and patient.

At the end of the meeting, teacher Hu Xinli said that as an administrative student, she should have the ability to apply office software, which would be beneficial to both work and postgraduate studies. In addition, teacher Hu also hopes that students can practice more after class and share with each other, learn from each other and improve their ability.