College of Public Administration undergraduates hold safety work conference at 2015 level and 2017 level
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At 13:00 on the afternoon of May 16, 2018, the working Conference on Student cadres at Grade 1517 of the School of Public Administration was held in Room 609 of the 15 buildings. The class leaders of the class at the level of .1515 or 17 attended the meeting. The presidium of the Student Union, the Department of Life, the Department of Security, and the Department of Learning attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Longhua.

Time in a hurry, another class of graduates in the countdown to leave the campus, into the society's day. In the second half of the semester, the mid-term examination has been carried out one after another, and the midterm of this term is over, and the end of the term is approaching. Teacher Longhua asked the Learning Department to carry out personal study data statistics for students of all grades and to make academic warnings to the students in a timely manner. Credit warning and CET-4 warning ensure that students can graduate smoothly and pursue their dreams.

In this sweltering May, mental health education activities in 2018 at the Central South University for nationalities are in full swing. In order to strengthen the safety management work of the 2015 or 2017 undergraduate students of the School of Public Administration, Mr. long made several demands: first, Establish dormitory report safe system. Every night to the dormitory as a unit to report peace, timely discovery of dormitory contradictions, timely reconciliation of dormitory contradictions, and do a good job of late return and no return statistics and reports. Secondly, strengthen the campus loan, campus violence prevention and education. The Department of Safety and Security should actively carry out the prevention and management of campus loans, campus violence and so on, and reject campus loans and campus violence. Third, pay close attention to the mental health of college students. The class committee and the dormitory supervisor should pay close attention to the mental health condition of the students, find the abnormal situation in time, report and intervene in the first time, and actively prevent the occurrence of serious and malignant events.

I hope that these measures beneficial to the mental health and personal safety of students can be effectively implemented and implemented. I also hope that all students can have a peaceful and beautiful campus life and have a bright future!