The second party branch of undergraduate study the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's recent series speech
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General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered important speeches at a forum of teachers and students at Peking University and at a conference commemorating the 200th anniversary of Marx's birth, in order to study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's recent speech. On May 14, 2018, according to the work arrangement of the Party committee of the college, the second Party branch of undergraduate held a branch study meeting in conference room 815 of 15 buildings.

At the meeting, comrade Chen Yue believed that we should stick to our first heart and faith, maintain good moral character, enrich his own knowledge, and use it in practice to serve the people better. Comrade Lin Jingwei, referring to Marx's life as a young man in the new era, must set up his own ideal, study hard and realize his own youth. The dream of China is raised by the year dream.

Finally, when Comrade Shi Junqiang spoke about General Secretary Xi's hope of "integrating knowledge and practice and being a doer," he stressed that joining the party organization and becoming a member of the Party have the right and the duty to strengthen the consciousness of serving the people. And put this awareness into concrete work, hoping that the student party members of the branch will be able to integrate knowledge and practice, and during the school period, the purpose of serving the people will be implemented to serve students, to serve colleges and schools, and not to go against their original intention. Make sure you have the beginning and the end.