Collage of computer science holds a promotion meeting for postgraduate entrance examination
Collage of computer science holds a promotion meeting for postgraduate entrance examination

(correspondent Zong Ming) in May 10th, the promotion of the Graduate School of computer science will be held in the 213 small conference room of No. nine teaching building. College Party committee secretary Cen Junming, Dean Tan Jun, deputy party secretary Qian Wenbin, vice president Li Zimao, the director of the teaching and research department and the professional head and the undergraduate course instructor attended this meeting. Qian Wenbin, deputy secretary of the Party committee, presided over the meeting.

  First, Qian Wenbin conveyed the meeting content of the promotion of the school employment, introduced the situation of the school's current political, foreign language and mathematics examination, and the present situation of the college entrance examination and employment, as well as the instructions of the school leaders to the next stage of employment.

  The graduating class counselor Zong Ming reported the enrollment, the characteristics of the admission, the progress of the employment work of the students of various majors, and the existing problems, and introduced the measures taken in the next stage.

  The college leaders and teachers attending the meeting discussed the problems existing in the postgraduate entrance examination and employment work in our institute, and put forward some constructive suggestions. Tan Jun pointed out that we should sum up and analyze the experience and lessons of the previous stage of graduate study, grasp the propaganda skills of the postgraduate mobilization, improve the work effect of the postgraduate training, and do a good job of the 2019 - year graduate study. For those students who have not yet signed up, the director of each teaching and research section and the instructor of graduation design should take charge of each other, and strive to find satisfactory work for each student before graduation.

  Finally, cen Jun Ming stressed that the employment work is the inner embodiment of the core competitiveness of the college and the important reflection of the training of qualified personnel. The employment work is not only related to the development of the colleges and teachers, but also to the growth of the students, and the employment work is a major factor in the development of the college and the growth of the students. If we want to work hard and grasp the facts, we should give full play to the role of teachers in the whole school and work well together with the employment of graduates. In order to classify the graduates, we should pay more attention to the students who have been hanging up at present, to ensure that every student will graduate smoothly, and that every student will succeed in employment, and do a good job in this year's employment.