The first lecture on the theme of the first phase of the E Road studio is held.
The first lecture on the theme of the first phase of the E Road studio is held.

(correspondent Fang Yu Zhou Zongming) at 7 p. m. on May 8th, our hospital, e road, Yang Fan studio held the first theme lecture in the nine 211 conference room: who said only the great God can protect research. the lecture invited Liu Zhen of South China University of Technology and Liu Zhen of Xiamen University to share the secret of successful research for the students. The studio is responsible for the teachers' Zong Ming and more than 100 students to participate in the sharing meeting. The lecture was chaired by Xiao Mengzi, a member of the studio. 

  At the beginning of the lecture, Xiao Mengzi introduced the two guests' University experience to the students, and explained the process of this lecture. Then, bear Zhang Yue combines his experience, and gives a detailed description of how to succeed in the summer camp. It also highlights the necessary materials for the summer camp registration, the specific activities in the summer camp, the summer camp retest and the related notices of pushing and exempting. Xiong Zhangyue stressed that it should objectively evaluate its own strength and choose the target of registration. During the University, we should strengthen professional and English learning, prepare the resume carefully, answer the questions sincerely, and leave a good impression to the tutor.

  President Liu has shared his research experience from three aspects: the school's policy of promoting and exemption, the experience of research and protection, and the suggestions made by the students. It is necessary to emphasize the promotion of professional achievements and outstanding competition results in order to get the quota of schools. At the same time, it discussed how to choose the school of intent to protect research, how to contact with graduate tutors and participate in the reexamination experience of major universities. In order to improve their competitiveness, Liu Zhen suggested that students study carefully, improve their performance points, pay more attention to English, participate in competitions, and publish more papers in periodicals.

  In the free question of the lecture, Liu Zhen and bear were meticulous and patient with the students to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the minor degree, how to allocate the time of study to work and study two, and how to prepare for the study as early as possible. The two answer won a burst of applause from the students.

  The lecture lasted 1.5 hours, and the atmosphere was warm and relaxed. This lecture answers the questions about the students. Many students say they have heard the introduction of the elder and the school sister. They have a sense of urgency. They also know how to plan the life of the University. It will be more hard to study.