General Situation of Faculty
Time:2020-09-17 Number:



There is a competent staff of 86 members in the College of Literature, Journalism and communication—3 professors of second grade,  7 professors of third grade,  13 professors of 4th grade and 28 associate professors, 2 tutors of doctoral candidates, 38 tutors of master students.  1 UNESCO “excellent folk artist”, 2 specialists enjoying Award by the Chinese National Government for contributions, 1 Renowned Teacher of Hubei province, 2 Renowned Teachers of SCUN, 34 doctors and and 6 teachers finished post-doctoral research.

A group of faculty members are invited to teach Chinese in the University in the USA, Russia, Japan, Korea, South Africa and Pakistan, who can also provide training of teaching Chinese as second language.The college also invited renowned scholars and writers, such as Cheng Yuzhui, Liu Yuejin, Cheng Tao and Zhang Shouying, as guest professors.