The management approach of internal entrance work of South-central university for nationalities prep students
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The management approach of internal entrance work of South-central university for nationalities prep students


Ethnic pre-college education is a special education stage which is set up to cultivate qualified college students in ordinary colleges and universities , in consideration of the reality of China's ethnic minorities and national regions . The service function of preparatory education is to play the role of a bridge between university undergraduate course education, Improving the students' cultural knowledge and basic skills comprehensively and training the students who know how to study. The further reform of higher education in our country and transformation of education idea , puts forward new requirements for preparatory education. According to the characteristics of the preparatory college education and the requirements of the new situation , we formulated the following managerial measures for preparatory students in our school.

1、      The basic principle of internal entrance of our school is that  the main basis of wether a prep student can go to further study successfully is the student’s study grade and performance during the preparatory study.

2、      According to the reality of our prep students and the requirements of this international professional education , preparatory courses are divided into Chinesemathforeign languagepolitical sciencehuman geographyhistory and culture ,  physics and chemistry . Among them, Chinesemath and foreign language are the compulsory courses to all students ,and the school will unified exam ( collective read ) . The political science is a required course to both arts and science students .  human geography ,  and history and culture are the compulsory courses of all arts students . In a similar way , physics and chemistry are the compulsory courses of all science students . All of these courses are examined .

3、      Besides having to finish the compulsory courses and the public required courses well , all the prep students should choose two or more elective courses according to their own professional and personal interests to attend.

4、      You can just promote to undergraduate if you passed all your required courses and pssed your elective courses for at least two . If not , you can take make-up exams at the end of the school year . What should be paid attention to is that you have only one chance to take the make-up exams . You can promote to undergraduate if your make-up exams passed .

5、      Student who is not qualified in a compulsory course or two course , can only study as junior college students with the undergraduate major , meanwhile students above can apply to undergraduate . For instance , each subject got more than 75 points(including 75 points) in the first year’s overall grades , no violations . However , the grades that each subject gotten beneath 75 points cannot turn into undergraduate , can study only junior college education , which last for 3 years . After the completion of prescribed courses , those who pass the examination could get associate diploma .

6、      Student who is not qualified in 2 compulsory course (including 2 course) or a compulsory and 2 required course (including 2 course) , cannot promote to colleges and universities , but they may stay down to preparatory course . But if they were not qualified after a year’s retardation , college would drop them out of school for processing .

7、      Preparatory students who accord with the condition that being promoted to undergraduate , can choose a specialty according to the enrolment plan within constituted by collge , as well as individual situation . Science students can choose to major in science or both liberal arts and science ; simultaneously , students in art can choose to maior in liberal arts or both of them , too . Students each have two professional volunteer . The choosing professional work must be finished In within the prescribed time , the vonlunteer cannot be modified out of time .

8、      The principal of professional arrangement , to arrange all test subjects qualified students firstly , according to student's language, mathematics, foreign languages three compulsory course graduation scores (Considering the required course if results are the same ) and volunteer , ranking from high to low , then determining the professional on the basis of the college’s plan .

9、      Preparatory students who are rated as the “Three Good Students” "Outstanding student cadres" "Excellent League member"  , whose final score will add 3 points ( A total of less than 3 points ) , besides being posted . But if the student were punished during the preparatory study , he should promote at the end .

10、              The work of inner promoting must always adhere to openfairjust principle resolutely put an end to the interference of various unwholesome tendencies . School Admissions Office reports the professional interior to plan to the major school leaders ahead of time , then it will be issued after approval .

11、              To strengthen the leadership and management on the promoting work , school sets up steering group , chief leaders to take on the headman , other members including Discipline inspection commissionDean's officethe Enrollment and employment work office and  the Preparatory department person in charge . The steering  group will consider the basic policy and programme of work .

12、              These measures begin to carry out from 2005 . Past South Central College for Nationalities prep job specification is to be abolished at the same time .

13、              Other colleges training preparatory students’ rising conducted according to the provisions for other colleges .


May 18, 2005