General situation of teachers
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General situation of teachers Preparatory Education College of the existing 13 full-time teachers, teachers' Ideological and political education 4 people, has a famous teacher outstanding teachers nationwide and South-Central University For Nationalities associate professor title, of which more than 8 teachers, 5 lecturers, 4 assistants; Ph.D. degree with a teacher 3 people, master degree and 5 teachers, young teachers under the age of 40 to 8 people. College has a preparatory education in school level teaching team of humanistic quality, teachers in the school teaching and moral evaluation of the best proportion come out in front, is a rich experience in teaching, full of vitality, noble morality, love the national higher education of

Chinese teaching and research section:
Zhang Jin ling( Director )、Ma Jie、Qiang Jun feng 、Yang Jie mei   

The Political Department :
Du Xian wu( Director )、Huang Qian、Wang Kui zheng、Han Xin、Wu lan、

Mathematical Department :
Xiao Ming wei( Director )、Feng Li jing、Xu Wen qing、Jiang yong hong

The English department:
Yang Liu( Head )、Sha Lu sa、Zhang Yuan