The precept for students' performance management of Pre-undergraduate Education School.
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The precept for students'  performance management  of Pre-undergraduate  Education School.
The first interpretation "student achievement"
This way to say "grades"  which refers to the preparatory courses that consists of college students graduation grades and ranking of south-central university for nationalities preppie to rise undergraduate course.
The second one:The grade of the course for grade 1.The course completion record refers to South-central University for Nationalities preppie and cultivate preppie courses, the overall results will enter the results of the student file.
The result as to assess miyoshi students, outstanding student cadres and the basis of a scholarship.
2, The final grade consists of three parts: overall results grades, the mid-term exam (test) scores, and the final exam (test) scores.
The overall grades account for 20% of the final grade ,the mid-term exam (test) scores account for 20% of the final grade,the final exam (test) scores accounted for 60% of the final grade,
3, The overall grade
The overall grade is depended by the quantity and quality of students' coursework for  participating in teaching activities to assess.
(1) The coursework
The grade of the coursework includes usual homework, quiz, etc.
Different courses have different requirements to the quantity of the coursework , so this way doesn't stipulates each course the highest number of regular assignments.
But the minimum quantity for each course work at ordinary times are there: the Chinese four times;
Mathematical six times;
English lesson six times;
Political lesson 3 times;
Physics, chemistry, history, geography, four times;
Other elective courses twice.
Coursework scores accounted for 70% of the grade at ordinary times.
(2)The grade of students' participating in teaching activities
,which can as the attitude of participation, participation and achieve the effect to assess.
The course which doesn't have such teaching activities could follow students' classroom learning performance or attitude to determine.
The grade of students' participating in teaching activities account for 30% of the grade at ordinary times.
(3) The assessment to the grades
Teachers should have detailed records of students' finishing the coursework ,participating in teaching activities ,and evaluate students' grades objectively and fairly.
4, The mid-term exam (test) scores
Mid-term exam (test) scores depends on the grades from the test in mid-term.
5 The final exam grades
Final exam (test) scores depend on the final exam marks.
6, The coursework grades.students' participating in teaching activities, mid-term exam (test) grades,and the final exam (test) grades of full marks for 100 points, give it up into 5 4 decimal places. Results according to the corresponding proportion of all parts included in the overall results will course after conversion.
7, sponsored preppie ranking based on course graduation grades, practice, science rank respectively.  
 The third one:Students' entrancing ranking results.
1, All prep students who are adimitted into South-central university for nationalities at undergraduate for professional learning ,should select undergraduate programs on the basis of their grades.The one who has higher marks has priority to select. Therefore, the achievement only used in entrance when ranking, commissioned development preppy aren't   restricted by this result.
2, enters a higher ranking in curriculum on the basis of the final exam question paper grades (check).
If a course will be opened two semesters, with final exam (examination) taken the second semester grades .Each course opened in the second semester of the final exam (examination), should take into account the content of the first semester, The first semester teaching content should accounted for  20% - 30% of the second semester final exam.
3, in addition to the computer courses, preparatory education college offers other necessary  courses and optional course grades, are included in the overall rankings.
All the necessary courses (Chinese, math, foreign language, politics, history, geography, physics, chemistry) (test) scores should be recorded in the final exam entrance number grade according to the100%.
All optional course (test) scores according to the final exam 50% should be recorded in entrance number grade.There are 3 optional courses. Students  will be subject to educational network for the optional courses.
The Computer course just to examine the practical ability of students , so the computer courses doesn't  included in the overall rankings.
4, considering the nature of arts, science curriculum , so the academic ranking separately.
5, in order to ensure the objective of entrance ranking results, such as Chinese, math, foreign language and political course should practice routine marking;
Other test course, should also be sealed before they are read.
6, total grade student enters a higher school moral education points included in the ranking.
Moral education points calculation measures therefor shall be formulated separately.
Article 4 the bylaw
These measures implemented since the date of release.
Pre-undergraduate  education school
On March 3, 2009
South-central university for nationalities prep students up work within management  precept